• What kind of flowers is suitable for grand opening ceremony in Vietnam?

What kind of flowers is suitable for grand opening ceremony in Vietnam?

Mark the beginning of a new business by sending your friend, relative or business associate congratulatory grand opening flowers. There are many kind of flowers, so what kind of flowers is suitable for grand opening ceremony? Pick and choose from our wide selection of grand opening flowers that include favorites like roses, sunflowers, lilies, orchids...

If you know someone, be it a friend, loved one, relative or even an acquaintance, who had just opened a business then it would be great to send them a warm congratulatory present for their grand opening. There is no other gift than grand opening flowers. Flowers are naturally an expression of warmth and support which is why it is one of the most bought gifts during any occasion. You will never wrong with a warm flower arrangement to show someone support them and their new business.

You do not have to know a lot about flowers to get it right as florists would know exactly which flowers would suit the unique and special flower arrangement you have in mind. There are actually a lot of flowers to choose from and each flower has its own meaning and conveys a particular message. Like the rose, for example, is an expression of love. Even the colors of the flowers have an effect on the whole set. Do not overthink it as any type of grand opening flowers would be appreciated as this is also a warm gesture to tell the person that you believe in them.

I. Suitable flowers in type

While colors are great as they are attractive and appealing to the eyes, nothing beats flowers that have meanings in general by their type. Here are some flowers that are great to place in grand opening flowers:

1. Roses:

rose flower arrangement for opening ceremony
Roses are not limited to their meaning of love and passion. They can actually mean a lot of things from purity and innocence to eternal love and happiness. Even the number of stems can significantly change the meaning of the arrangement. Beautiful roses are known to signify or convey the message of congratulations.

2. Daisies:
This is symbol of friendship. This is a great flower to have in your arrangement if it was someone close to you or a best friend who had just opened a business. 

3. Lilies:
This type of flower is great because they are vibrant and attractive. The flowers of lily look stunning and appealing in beautiful flower stands. If you are sending a flower stand for the grand opening ceremony or celebration, select one that has this unique and interesting lily flower. In addition, you can also send a lily flowering plant in a large pot for the office’s interior attraction. This flowering plant benefits everyone with a clean and better air.

4. Orchids:
Grand opening orchid flower stand Hanoi
This elegant and fabulous flowers of orchids are a wonderful choice when it comes to flower gifts on company events and business grand opening day. The flowers of orchids are ideal to keep in the office to add aesthetic appeal and to promote positive vibes. Flower stands for occasion and events as these are most commonly arranged with phalaenopsis orchids in various colors.

5. Sunflowers:
Sunflowers are in a variety of sizes. There are big ones that will suit large flower stands and there are smaller ones that are perfect for the flower vases to put on top of the office desks. Sunflowers are sure to bring the brightness of the sun in the office or store on grand opening day, which is why most of the glamorous flower stands are accentuated and filled with the shimmering flowers of yellow sunflowers.

II. Suitable flowers by color

There are a lot of blooms to choose from, but here are flowers which are suitable for an occasion such a grand opening of a business.
1. Flowers in the color of yellow

Yellow flowers for grand ceremony
Yellow flowers are known to symbolize warm greeting, new beginnings and joyful celebrations. This is because the color yellow brings out a kind of warm atmosphere around it and in the language of flowers it is considered to be a symbol of cheer, friendship and even admiration. This is what makes it very suitable to put in grand opening flowers that you would send to the new business owner.

2. Flowers in the color of orange
Orange flowers, in the language of flowers, convey a feeling of warmth and sincerity. This is why it is a good choice to have in your flower arrangement for the grand opening. Not only does it have a sincere message but it is also eye-catching making the entrance of the store, where it could be placed, all the more attractive to potential customers. Orange flowers are not that common as well so this would make it more special.

3. Flowers in the color of red
Red flower stand for opening ceremony
Red flowers represent the matter of the heart. Red is the color of blood, the sign of liveliness and the sign of life in you. Hence, the matter of heart and life is regulated and represented by red flowers. The red flowers say it all. Red blooms also represent strength and courage. They exude energy and positive vibes. So, it's very suitable to put in grand opening flowers that you would send to the new business owner. 

4. Flowers in the color of pink
Pink flowers show the gentle and feminine side of any flower arrangement. This is what makes it attractive to people. While pinks are not as common as other flowers, most of the flowers that come in the color of pink are attractive enough in its shape and beauty. Pink , in the language of flowers, conveys a congratulatory message of respect and memorable, happy moments. While it is normally known for young and sweet love, it could also be a representation of a new beginning hence young love.
Mixed flower arrangement for opening ceremony
You can even have a combination of all the colors to create a unique and attractive piece that would catch anybody’s attention. You can ask your florist to creat one for you but you may also add a few more colors to your liking, especial if the new business owner has a particular color that he or she likes that you know of. Flowers in the colors such as white, blue and purple may also be used during making arrangements like these. Just leave it up to your florist to make a unique one for you that conveys all the feelings you wish to convey.

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