• Christmas flower arrangement ideas 2019

Christmas flower arrangement ideas 2019

No matter where you are, you can always send flowers wherever in Hanoi to your loved ones. Simply choose the perfect Christmas flowers to send to a loved one and we’ll make sure it arrives in time for Christmas Day.

Just like that, it’s December! You know what that means – Christmas decorating.

While we all have way too many Christmas decorations, there’s always things we can add each year to make it a little different from the last. We can’t help ourselves either, so we’ve taken a look through the latest Christmas flowers decorating trends and found a few modern additions for this Christmas season.


Neutral Christmas Tree Decorations

Wooden Christmas Decoration
Wooden Christmas decoration idear 2019

A truly modern way to decorate for Christmas is by toning down the colour and using neutral tones to style your home. Opt for subtle colours like white, grey and beige when choosing your ornaments, or draw from the existing colour scheme in your home. If you have a lot of blues, use a mix match of different blue hues to decorate your tree, or if you’ve got a lot of wooden features then don’t be afraid to choose wooden ornaments instead. As it’s a popular trend this year, shops are filled with Christmas decor in a wide range of colours, and if you can’t find the perfect tones for your home, give DIY ornaments a try!

Christmas Floral Trees

Christmas tree arrangement 2019
Sunflower Christmas tree trend 2019

As you can probably guess, we LOVE this trend. A trend that’s reappeared from last year is floral Christmas trees. This trend involves using flowers to decorate your Christmas tree rather than the traditional ornaments and tinsel. One flower getting a lot of love this year is sunflowers! Christmas tree decoration Pinterest boards are becoming filled with interpretations of the sunflower Christmas tree trend.

If you want to give it a go yourself, it’s as simple as weaving the stems through the branches of your tree so the flower is facing out. Or you can weave flowers together and create a long garland to hang on your tree, the options are endless!

Christmas Floral Table Centrepieces

Christmas Floral Table 2019
Christmas Floral Table Centrepieces

This Christmas decorate your table with festive flowers. Look no further than Florist Hanoi when it comes to finding the perfect floral table centrepieces.

Flowers are a refreshing way to decorate your space and brighten up your home. We have a selection of Christmas themed arrangements designed to be the hero of your dining table such as Deck the Halls. This arrangement is an elegant mix of red, white and green celebrated with spruce pine and a pine cone. Deck the Halls comes delivered in a low white ceramic container so all you have to do is order flowers online and your table decorations are ready to go.

Christmas flower arrangement 2019
Christmas flower arrangement 2019

Another fitting choice is Good Tidings which features blooms in the traditional Christmas colours in a gold vase. This arrangement is sure to garner a few compliments on Christmas Day!

Christmas Flower Delivery

Get your Christmas presents done and dusted early this year. Shop our Christmas flowers and Gifts Collection available for delivery Hanoi. Order online at a time that suits you and your Christmas delivery will be on its way in no time.

No matter where you are, you can always send flowers wherever in Hanoi to your loved ones. Simply choose the perfect Christmas flower arrangement to send to a loved one and we’ll make sure it arrives in time for Christmas Day.

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